Karen Schaeperkoetter


Due to circumstances beyond our control, Karen Schaeperkoetter is unable to attend the November 24 & 25 Chicago Pop Culture Con

Karen Schaeperkoetter is really a Jack of All Trades. She was born in Normal, Illinois but her family moved around a lot until they finally settled in Branson, Missouri in 1999. She is also youngest of three siblings.

Karen has always had a passion for writing, creating new worlds and characters that live within them. Her main focus has been adult literature but it wasn’t until recently that she started to push to making her dreams a reality withcreating a fun comic book entitled, “Lamebrains.”

Lamebrains is a fun comical new twist on the zombie apocalypse. (Drawn by my amazing talented cartoonist Anthony Hunter.) I answer that one question on everyone’s mind of, what if a zombie had a ghost. Well, Lamebrains is about a Schmitty the zombie and his own ghost Schmidt, and how they travel through Normal, Illinois during a zombie apocalypse. It is a comical look on a zombie apocalypse so there is no blood or gore. It is fun for any age to read. There are also a lot of Easter eggs throughout the comic book as well. Like, Zombieland is playing at the local movie theater. Zombie Cops at a local donut shop called Dave’s Donuts and a sign on the building that says, Dave’s Not Here. Or a purple Corgi names Susie (which is our corgi) that we see in all the comics who picks on the zombie in each comic. Issue #1 and #2 is done and #3 is being drawn now by Anthony and will be done soon. I am working on writing #4 now.

Karen does a lot of cosplaying. She enjoys dressing up in different costumes with her husband Gary and they both do couples cosplay. One of their favorites they dress up as is the characters from her own comic book. Karen dresses up as Becky, who is the heroine and ghost/zombie girlfriend that is still alive. She can see the ghost and the ghost can understand the zombie so you have a 3 person conversation happening. Her husband dresses up as the zombie Schmitty.

Both Karen and Gary do a lot of crafting under Better Together Creations, from wood burning to making handmade wands and so much more.



Karen Schaeperkoetter  Karen Schaeperkoetter  Karen Schaeperkoetter