Mark Patrick Short

Panel Moderator

Mark Patrick Short is a Brit from across the pond who resides in Chicago and assists Chicago Pop Culture Con as a panel moderator.

Organizing events in his hometown in England  at the age of 18 he organized  “Ice-con” and “The End of an era” one year later, two well received “Doctor Who” conventions that led to a career fronting some 20 events over the next five years. It was at one of these events where the BBC saw one of his TARDIS console room set displays and asked to use it on the tv show itself in 1993 “More than 30 years in the TARDIS”. 

Having cultivated a career buying and selling Science fiction related memorabilia including props and wardrobe, Mark helped organize several important sales assisting Bonhams auction house in London which is still remembered today as unleashing most of the material from Blake’s 7, Who, Hitchhikers Guide and Red Dwarf to the market  available today by pricing, authenticating and locating items hidden away in the BBC archives. 

Flash forward into the 2000’s and Mark continues to assist auction houses, museums and collectors all over the world authenticate and curate props, wardrobe, animation and art from old and new properties including The Strain, Doctor Who, Twelve Monkeys, Man seeking Woman, Baby Driver and many other properties. 

Mark writes for and edits , a repository of his adventures and finds, and has just written the foreword  for the HSPPA “The Props Awaken”. He continues to love and appreciate his own and others need to collect and appreciate the art of rare movie collectibles…preserving for the future the history of film and tv production today.